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We can bring our expertise to you!


We understand how busy life is, and we know how frustrating it can be to stare at your wardrobe every morning, and not love what you see.  Who has time for that?

With our personal client services, we help you de-clutter your closet, streamline your wardrobe, and get on with life fashionably and confidently.

And, best of all, with our consignment expertise, we know exactly which items in your wardrobe have market value so you'll earn money by consigning your cast-offs with us!

If you're moving or downsizing, we also help clear out your clothing closets to make your home more marketable and make the move easier on you.

We truly love working with you to find solutions that work for you!

Our personal client services rate is $65/hour with a 3-hour minimum.  Our time and expertise makes a great gift for your special someone, too!  Gift cards always available.  

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